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Erection problem which results in low sexual performance can be an embarrassing situation for many. Some may feel reluctant while taking about it to their medical consultant. Nevertheless, with the use of modern and advanced medicines you can now treat such problems very easily. Erectile dysfunction is a kind of regular difficulty in maintaining a rigid erection while sexual penetration can now be treated with Viagra as well as Cialis. 

Reasons behind such problems-

• There can be psychological reasons behind it.

• Drinking or even smoking can result in it.

• People who are diabetic or heart patients often complain about such kind of problem. 

• Parkinson’s disease.

• Multiple sclerosis.

• Prostate disease.

• Spinal cord injuries.

• Surgical complications during cystectomy, cancer or prostatectomy etc.

• Penis anatomical or structural disorder.

• There are multiple other organic reasons for this problem as well.

Blood flow, hormones as well as nervous supply problems affect erectile function. Atherosclerosis, which is a state of arteries walls thickening results in losing elasticity plus restricted blood flow can be the major cause of erectile dysfunction

Cardiovascular factors are also responsible for these kinds of problems in the male. According to AHA increase in BP can cause this problem as arteries present all over the vascular system gets damaged thus impairing required flow of blood for achieving as well as sustaining a firm erection.

Digoxin which is preferred medication for heart disease can lead to erectile dysfunction. Besides, this recommended medicine for treating anxiety can often cause this problem. 


Coffee- Use of coffee every day can avoid such problems and lower downs its risk up to much extent. It is advice to take 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily for enhanced results.

Cialis- It is highly recommended as well as much used drug for treatment of erection problem. It can be taken once in a daytime along food. Regular use of this medicine has shown positive results in improving erection while sexual activity. A person needs to be very careful when using this medication. It can have serious after effects on the body and lower down your physical health as well. According to the medical research team of the country, this medicine is quite safe when taken under medical supervision. As soon as it has negative effects on the body, discontinue its usage instantly. Medical help can be immediately called up for emergency conditions. The initial dose of 10 mg is greatly recommendable for adults. Later, you can seek doctor’s advice for adding or lowering down the dosage amount of the pill. 

Viagra- it is another effective dosage for a male in erection problem. You can even consult a doctor before using it. No serious effects have been reported by people with regular use of this pill. You can buy these pills online as well as from pharmacy by showing doctor’s prescription. Its 10 mg dosage is sufficient for a male and avoiding problems related to erection. The cost of medicine is very economical as well. Diabetic, heart patient or pregnant women can discontinue its use for avoiding any further health complication.






















2) Knowing the health ailment measures of erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder found in the males. Under such medical conditions, males found themselves incapable of maintaining or attaining erection, firm enough to achieve sexual intercourse. Only prolonged conditions associated with incompetence of achieving satisfactory sexual routine can be termed as erectile dysfunction, whereas, occasionally appeared conditions were regarded as temporary ailments due to stress or some kind of medicinal usage. 

Though, the causes of erectile dysfunctions are, medically, classified under the heads of two possible reasons, namely:

A. Psychological or psychosocial 

B. Medicinal 

First one is primarily known the cause of this disorder which originates from the routine social conditions associated with one’s lifestyle. Sometimes excessive use of cigarette and alcohol in times of distress also causes the similar conditions or health ailments. The second option emerges due to the prolonged medicinal usage and nature of the diseases as well, as some disease could lead a patient towards psychological distress. Often these two conditions were also found overlapping in between each other.

Nature of Erectile dysfunction:

As the two broad classifications of possible reasons for erectile dysfunction were discussed above, the changes in the natural functioning of the concerned or various body parts, resulting in this particular ailment would be required to known the nature of the disease, its origin, and treatment. Among both of the above-discussed causes for this health ailment, most of them are psychological and rest is medicinal. 

Both of the above reasons consequently results into the circumstances of affecting the blood vessels and the blood flow passing through it. This interruption of the natural flow of blood through the vessels of concerned body part causes the incompetence of a person for retaining their sexual activity and achieving satisfactory sexual performance while intercourse. The medicines, like Viagra or Cialis, use to treat this condition by relaxing the muscles of the walls of the vessels of a targeted body part and maintaining the natural flow of the blood through it.

Consulting With Physician – Significance

Though Viagra and like sorts of medicines are effective and easily available in the market to treat the conditions of erectile dysfunction, but it is required to consult the doctor prior to using any of such medication. 

These medicines are of highly responsive nature and showed up considerable results right after its first dosage. Besides that, these drugs are also highly reactive with certain persisting conditions and also contain some sorts of general side effects. Hence, it is required to get a proper diagnosis of every persisting condition, so that adverse conditions or reactions can be avoided. 

If any person is having a condition of heart diseases, history of attacks and strokes, stomach ulcer, high or low blood pressure are not allowed to carry the medications of Viagra and like sort of medicines. On the other hand, it can be highly reactive with certain types of salts available in other medicines. Hence, people already under the drug schedule, carrying Nitrate, Isosorbide Dinitrate, and Isosorbide Mononitrate are not suggested to carry the medication of these drugs.

In short, consulting a doctor would help persons with erectile dysfunction conditions more effectively as they can be put on with some other alternate to treat their ailments.














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