Most suggestible way to meet out impotency

Generally, the male makes use of Viagra which is one of the most effective medicines for treating out impotency. It is also known by its generic name that is Sildenafil. There is another established brand name for this pill i.e. Revatio. It is purposely meant for increasing the blood pressure of any particular region of the human body plus relaxing muscles. The combination of Revatio and Viagra is strictly prohibited. Doctor’s consultation is highly suggestible in such cases. Some unwanted effects can be caused by Viagra when used with any other pills. If you are taking Riociguat, then immediately discontinue the usage of Sildenafil. 

Precautions while using Viagra - for safe usage of this medicine you need to follow some of the guidelines as mentioned below

• Its usage is not recommended while stomach ulcer.

• People complaining about high or even low BP can discontinue its use. 

• In case anyone is suffering from hemophilia that is a kind of bleeding disorder, then make sure there is no intake of Viagra.

• Kidney problems can be worse while using such pill as well.

• An individual who has recently suffered from heart attack, congestive failure of heart or stroke has to avoid its usage.

• Even patients with leukemia, anemia, and multiple myelomas are prohibited from such pills.

It is advisable for people above the age of eighteen years. There has been no proof that such medicine has harmed any unborn or babies who are on breastfeeding. Even its effects are completely unknown on pregnant ladies as well. 

Dosage information

It is suggested to take this medicine as per prescription. You need to follow the entire direction mentioned prescription label. Smaller and larger dosage can lead to unwanted effects. At the time of necessity only, such kind of pills is usually taken. Intake of it is suggestible before thirty or sixty minutes of any sexual activity. Even it can be taken four hours before such physical activity. One tablet is recommended for a single day. You need to follow few instructions of a doctor while sexual stimulation. 

Medical help - If dizziness occurs or you have chest pain while sexual activity then calls for medical help immediately. Store these medicines at usual room temperature. Moisture & heat can make it’s affectless. Overdose can lead to some medical emergencies while in case you fail to take the regular dosage then the very next day just assumes the drug schedule as prescribed by your doctor. 

Don’t and do’s with Viagra:

• Alcohol usage is not recommended as it can alter its effect. 

• If you are using other medicines for the treatment of impotency like Alprostadil and Yohimbine then instantly discard Viagra usage.

Serious side-effects of such medicine:

Many have reported about vision loss and hasty hearing problems after using this medicine. Irregular heartbeat, feet swelling, convulsions, headache, upset stomach, muscle pain etc were also reported by regular users of it. 

Dosage details

• At the initial level, 50 mg of pill is required for an adult. Later, in order to maintain its consistency or for better results you can choose at least 25 mg to 100 mg tablet.



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